Biolevox Neuro tablets

Biolevox Neuro tablets is a dietary supplement with uridine monophosphate (UMP) as the main component, in combination with vitamin B complex 1,3,6,12 and folic acid. Uridine monophosphate (UMP), in conjuction with vitamin B complex activates the natural restoration and regeneration process of nerve fibers and damaged nerves, having, at the same time, direct analgesic action. Therefore, it is recommended in conditions of:

  • peripheral neuropathy
  • slipped disk
  • neuralgia
  • sciatica
  • discectomy
  • thoracic and lumbar pain (dorsalgia)
  • lumbar syndromes
  • trigeminal neuralgia
  • PHN

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What is uridine monophosphate (UMP)?

UMP is a nucleotide which is a DNA and RNA structural element of the neuron nucleus. As a structural element, it is composed by the body itself and its lack creates destruction in the myelin sheaths of neurons. Vice versa, eventual destruction of nerve fibers, caused by other damages, leading to disorders of conductivity and accompanied by pain, require increased levels of UMP by the body, resulting to the necessity of external intake of UMP. Biolevox Neuro tb is a source of UMP, providing the additional quantity required by the neurons for their regeneration, resulting in proper nerve function and a drastic reduction in pain intensity.

Advantages and comparative test Biolevox Neuro tb in reduction of pain.

Multicenter study, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, with the participation of 80 patients with low back pain. Study group study received uridine monophosphate-5 (UMP), while control group received placebo.

25% reduction in pain was achieved after 24 hours of UMP application, which gave a much better result in comparison to the placebo group.

Biolevox Neuro tablets

Comparative observational study, with the participation of 123 patients after discectomy. All patients received standard analgesic treatment and physiotherapy. The study group received additionally 1 tablet of Biolevox Neuro daily. Addition of UMP and B complex vitamins to standard therapy of patients after discectomy made it possible to achieve higher performance associated with a reduction in pain intensity and improving quality of life.

Biolevox Neuro tablets

During the regeneration process of peripheral nerves, pyrimidine nucleotides play the key role, and they are not produced by nerve cells. For their synthesis uridine monophosphate is necessary. During the course of back aches, polyneuropathy and neuralgia, demand for uridine monophosphate increases, which if not synthesized in the neurons must be obtained externally. Available studies prove that treatment with UMP and B complex vitamins significantly accelerate the regeneration of peripheral nerves, reduce pain intensity and improve patients’ quality of life. It also reduces drastically the need for analgesics.

Biolevox Neuro tablets

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