Arnica cooling foam

A crackling foam based on arnica extracts, having vasoconstrictive properties, and with local anaesthetic effect.

It is recommended for dermal application after every insect bite or sting, sun or non-burns, in any case of skin oedema, as well as in bruises and bumps. It creates a strong feeling of cold that lasts. The Arnica Montana extract is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties.

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The crackling foam with arnica leaves long-lasting cold feeling in the affected area. Soothing and cooling properties are enhanced by the crackling effect. Releasing gas bubbles, minimizes the feeling of pain after insect sting or bite. It has a beneficial effect on skin swelling. Extract of Arnica Montana is used for its anti-inflammatory effects. Excellent application in the form of foam.

Dual effect – Soothing and tropical anaesthetic

  • After insect bite
  • For skin swelling and edema
  • For bruises and bumps (closed)
  • Soothing effects
  • For sunburns and small closed burns

The cooling foam can be used to children aged 3 years and more.